Preamplifier with Bypass-Mode up to 6GHz Frequencyrange

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Follow Aaronia's latest developments - 09/2016

The New Allround-Preamplifier
with Bypass-Mode, up to 6GHz
and ultra-high IP3!

We are presenting our newest pre-amp, the UBBV 1060 BPA, the world's-first battery powered pre-amplifier with a bypass-mode and a wide frequency-range up to 6GHz. It is the perfect pre-amplifier for any measurement challenge, thanks to its incredible dynamic range.

Until now you always had to choose between amplifiers for weak signals or strong signals but now, thanks to the bypass-mode of the UBBV 1060 BPA, now you don't have to choose anymore. The amp provides 8 hours of battery power, thus it can be used comfortably throughout a whole day of work without needing a recharge.

In the field or in the lab, stay flexible with the UBBV 1060 BPA!


100MHz - 6GHz with a very linear frequency-response
Amplification of 22dB at 2GHz
RF Noise: 0,9dB (Bypass-Mode)/1,4dB (Amp. ON)
High IP3: 34dBm (Amp. ON) / 45dBm (Bypass)
High IP1: 21dBm (Amp. ON) / 33dBm (Bypass)
Fits to all RF-SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers
Also compatible with all other spectrum analyzer brands

More Information:

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Soon available: New HyperLOG Active Series with the UBBV 1060 BPA preamplifier.

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