Getting Started

See the following to get started quickly:

  • Install RTSA Suite On our homepage you can navigate to the software section and download RTSA Suite. You have the choice between the stable and the unstable version. If you need official support we recommend the stable version. Otherwise you should install the unstable version because it usually includes new functions and features which are not available in the stable version. Follow the installation process and start RTSA Suite.
  • Connect the devices In most cases you already have a spectrum analyzer and one or more additional devices like antennas or broadband preamplifiers available. Connect them to the computer and turn them on. If you've done this correctly you should now be able to use them within the software.
  • Using demo data You don't have a spectrum analyzer or want to try out the software only? Therefore, you can use demonstration data. Simply download the demonstration files you want and open them within RTSA Suite.
  • Start a mission When you start RTSA Suite, a typical block graph is loaded per default. It consists of a spectran analyzer block and three typical output blocks - spectrum diagram, waterfall diagram and histogram. If your spectrum analyzer is connected correctly you can start the mission and try out the diagram functionality. Otherwise, if you want to use your own data or demonstration data, you should replace the spectran device block by the file reader block and load the desired data.