DD Command Center block

The DD Command Center block unites all important functions for establishing a drone surveillance system. Detection includes targets of all kinds, such as drones, remote controls, mobile phones, Blootooth devices and other devices generating radio emission. This block is usually preceded by a "Drone Signal Locator" block, to which one or more "Drone Detection" blocks are connected. For real-time monitoring, the input signals of the "Drone Detection" blocks are generated by the combination of spectrum analyzers (e.g. Spectran V5) and suitable antennas (e.g. IsoLOG 3D). Alternatively, recorded data can also be used for subsequent evaluations and analyses by integrating "FileReader" blocks.

Menu with configuration options.
Graphical representation of the monitored area. You can choose between online maps, satellite images or other self-created images as background. Furthermore, antennas and targets of all kinds are displayed. The display of the devices themselves and all related available data (e.g. antenna range, positions, distance traveled, etc.) can be freely selected. It is also possible to specify how the system should react in case of violation of user-defined areas, which are also displayed.
Overlaying information area in which the detected targets, the history log or status information of the system can be displayed. The size of the area can be changed or hidden by the user.
For various functions and devices in the detection system (e.g. map control, cameras, jammer), compact menu bars can be optionally displayed for fast and convenient operation.
The status bar displays the current state ("Error", "Running", "Paused") of various devices and blocks connected to the DD Command Center block.