USB controlled Spectrum Analyzer

USB Spectrum Analyzer
      Aaronia USB Spectrum Analyzer 
            The Aaronia SPECTRAN X-Series are full-featured USB Spectrum Analyzers with 1Hz to 9,4GHz frequency coverage at amazingly low prices.
                SPECTRAN X USB Spectrum Analyzer provide the perfect analysis, all of them run with any operation system like MAC OS, Linux and Windows. All SPECTRAN X Series units include the powerful MCS Software, the innovative PC Spectrum Analyzer Software.
                    Aaronia USB controlled Analysers show the exact frequency and signal strength of RF and microwave sources including standard conformant calculation of various exposure limits, thanks to the patended, completely novel spectrum analyzing-process.

                      This groundbreaking innovation is the basis for the SPECTRAN's compact form factor and unbeatable price.
                      Our patented, novel spectrum analyzing method enables our new SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4 X to reach a stunning sensitivity of up to -170dBm(1Hz), setting it world apart from even its most current and extremely expensive competitors! But see yourself..
                        • SPECTRAN HF-6060V4 X
                        • SPECTRAN HF-6080V4 X
                        • SPECTRAN HF-60100V4 X
                        • SPECTRAN NF-5030 X

                        USB Analyzer Function Overview

                        MCS Software control elements
                        Control Elements: Settings, Channelpower, Spectrum, Calibration, Waterfall, Histogram, Daylog, Limits, Results, Demodulator, Undo/Redo
                        2.4 GHz WiFi measurement with three views (sweep with Max and Avg, filled histogram and waterfall)
                        At the same time: Sweep with provider display, Channel Power, Waterfall, Histogram
                        Channel Power with two different modes: "Provider"-Channel Power and "Channels"-Channel Power
                        Multi-level sweep in three histogram shapes, line, point, filled
                        At the same time: Sweep with provider display and limit Provider Channel Power, Channels-Channel Power, Waterfall, Histogram, Daylog (time), Limit statistic
                        Unlimited number of range markers (here 5xSweep, 5xMax, 7x Avg, 2x manual markers
                        868 MHz (ISM 868 Band) up to -170dBm (Hz)



                        Winner 2008 Test & Measurement


                        Handy, inexpensive and extremely sensitive:
                        For the first time in this price range SPECTRAN spec analyzer allows a frequency-selective analysis up to 9,4 GHz and a direct limit calculation display (e.g. ICNIRP).
                        Our patented, completely new type of spectrum analysis makes it possible. Thereby SPECTRAN Handheld & USB Spectrum Analyzers offer an extremely compact design, high accuracy and incredibly high sensitivity. This all at an unbeatable price.

                        Aaronia RF and EMC measurement devices are already 10000 times successfully in use in industry, research laboratories but also in many public authorities.


                        Award "Product of the Year" in Europes most comprehensive electronics magazine "Elektronik 2009"


                        Aaronias "REAL 3D" sensor (a isotropic magnetic field sensor) was honored in the category of "Passive Electronic Parts". This magnetic field sensor is used in all SPECTRAN NF units.






                        The AARONIA warranty:

                        • UPGRADE SERVICE TO "BIGGER" MODELS- You can upgrade one of our units to a more sophisticated model of the same series (for example, SPECTRAN HF-6060 V4X to SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4X) at any time. You will only have to pay the corresponding difference in price between the two models.
                        • EXCHANGE SERVICE TO NEWER MODELS- As soon as we introduce new units, previous versions can be exchanged with a more modern version of your choice for a reasonable price at any time.
                        • 10 YEARS WARRANTY- We offer 10 years warranty on our products. We replace or repair defective units immediately and hassle-free.