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MDF9400 on Spectran HF60105  


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17/06/2017 3:00 pm  

I just bought the Spectran HF60105 Analyazer, the MDF9400 range finder antenna, and the UBBV1 preamplifier.

During the set up I found (under "AntTyp") no MDF9400 antenna, so what do I have to do? The MDF9400 antenna is not on the list.

I want to use the equipment to find and measure noise sources (for example swithing mode supplies) mostly in the frequency area from 1 to 30 MHz.

Vy OV6A Jorgen Jensen, Denmark

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05/08/2017 10:24 am  

The conversion is quite simple:
For the MDF9400:
0 dBA/m = 0 dBm

So simply take the dBm reading and it is the same value in dBA/m.
If you add the 40dB UBBV1 preamplifier you simply need to add 40dB: 0 dBm would be 40 dBA/m.