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Whats the V4 units min/max µW/m² range?

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First of all its impossible to answer this question because power density (µW/m²) depends on:
- Frequency
- Used antenna (antenna gain)
- Cable damping and/or external attenuator damping
- Used RBW (filter bandwidth)
A formula how to calculate power density is shown in the manual (Chapter 16.3 / Calculating power density [W/m²] from power [dBm]) on page 59.

Second its stupid to measure fix in µW/m² only. The value changes are so big that the number-handling gets allmost impossible (see examples) thats why SPECTRAN uses a auto-range feature (automatic switching between p, µ, n, m etc.).

Some examples:
If you use our HyperLOG antenne, our 1m SMA cable and a HF-6060 V4 you get the following MAXIMUM specs at 0dBm (which is the maximum input power the HF-6060 V4 can handle):

1GHz = 0,055W/m² = 55mW/m² = 55000µW/m²
2GHz = 0,22W/m² = 220mW/m² = 220000µW/m²
6GHz = 2W/m² = 2000mW/m² = 2000000µW/m²

If you use the HF-60100 V4 instead you can handle up to +20dBm which will result in the following MAXIMUM specs at +20dBm:
1GHz = 5,5W/m² = 5500mW/m² = 5500000µW/m²
2GHz = 22W/m² = 22000mW/m² = 22000000µW/m²
6GHz = 220W/m² = 200000mW/m² = 200000000µW/m²

At -100dBm (which you can already reach with a 1MHz RBW) you would get the following MINIMUM specs:
1GHz = 0,0000000000055W/m² = 0,0000000055mW/m² = 0,0000055µW/m²
2GHz = 0,000000000022W/m² = 0,000000022mW/m² = 0,000022µW/m²
6GHz = 0,0000000002W/m² = 0,0000002mW/m² = 0,0002µW/m²

If you use smaller filter you can go MUCH lower (every 20dB you have a 100times lower power density)