Communicating with GPS Logger over D2XX  


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14/01/2016 1:37 pm  

From the Documentation I have read it doesn’t support standard Win32 API like CreateFile, SetCommState, ReadFile and we have to use custom FTDI dll.
I have downloaded and tried the FTDI Sample (Example 1) from ... les/VC.htm and although it compiles and finds the attached GPS Logger after trying to open the device it prints “DLP-USB2 not responding”.

To get some speed to our project could you provide us some simple code (native C++ on Windows), where it shows how to simply read GPS NMEA Sentences from the device?

The GPS Logger currently does not support access over a COM port which would be required for access with Win32 API functions. The example you tried is for a specific third-party demo board and just for illustration purposes of using the D2XX API in general. Tog get it working with the GPS Logger you’d have to adjust the communication settings and protocol as specified in our programming guide: ... 151030.pdf (please understand we cannot provide real support for third-party examples)

Unfortunately we currently don’t have the resources to provide you with a fleshed out Win32 example program (we don’t normally target Win32 directly). What you need is basically:

- get a list of connected devices by using FT_CreateDeviceInfoList and FT_GetDeviceInfoList
- locate the correct device by examining the returned data structure (you will likely see two GPS Logger devices with suffixes „A“ and „B“, „A“ is then the correct device)
- establish a device connection using FT_Open or FT_OpenEx
- set the communication parameters as documented using FT_SetBaudRate, FT_SetDataCharacteristics, FT_SetUSBParameters and FT_SetFlowControl
- read/write data using FT_Write and FT_Read using the protocol documented in our programming guide (note: the device will only send data when requested)
- when finished close the connection using FT_Close

For details on using those functions please see the official FTDI D2XX documentation at ... (FT_000071).pdf