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Difference between speed/accelaration and course/compass  


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23/06/2015 10:09 am  

We bought some GPS Logger from your company, and I want to know some more details about this product, it is said that the GPS logger including gyro/tilt/compass and accelerometer.

In the software i see time, latitude/longitude/elevation/satellites, course/speed/tilt/roll/compass/pressure, acceleration.
I want to know what the speed and acceleration mean, and what is the difference between the course and compass.
And I also want to know how to see the raw IMU data?
Thank you very much.

Speed = Speed in m/s (calculated via the GPS sensor)
Acceleration = Acceleration between the last two GPS points (m/s²)
Compass = GPS-Logger orientation
Course = GPS-Logger moving direction

The 3D Gyro Sensor is measuring tilt and rotation in [Degree/s]. The used reference is the center of the sensor chip.

You can get the raw data from the internal µSD card or use the streaming mode via included software (record button).

More information about the GPS-Logger data protocol and the raw data format: ... 140718.pdf