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GPS-Logger with Gyro/Tilt, Compass, Accelerometer, USB, µSD

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Our new Aaronia GPS-Logger is now available.

The Aaronia GPS-Logger includes a total of 5 of the latest state of the art sensors and will be worlds first standalone data logger including a such wide range of sensors. Not to mention the very small form factor...
The following sensors are integrated:
- High End 66 Channel GPS Sensor incl. antenna offering position (accuracy: 1,8 meters) , speed (maximum velocity: 515m/s with 0,1m/s accuracy) and height (maximum altitude: 18.000 meters) information with a sensitivity of -165dBm. Warm/cold start only takes 34 seconds.
- 3D/Triaxial Compass offering 1° to 2° Degree Compass Heading Accuracy (Wide Magnetic Field Range of +/-8 Oe).
- 3D/Triaxial Accelerometer with up to 4mg resolution (+/-2g/+/-4g or +/-8g range / 10.000 g shock tolerant)
- 3D/Triaxial Gyro/Tilt Sensor with a sensitivity of 14 LSBs per °/sec. (10.000 g shock tolerant / ±2000°/sec)
- Altimeter/PressureSensor with very high accuracy/resolution and a wide pressure range of 260-1260mbar and a height resolution of up to 20cm! (0,020 mbar RMS resolution)
- Internal real time clock (battery powered)
- Temperature range: -20 to +60 Celsius / UV resistant housing
- Designed for long time operation

The main usage is to mount it to our antennas (HyperLOG X, HyperLOG EMI or BicoLOG X ) to log or stream the position and even the orientation of the antenna.
The GPS sensor allows an easy recording and documentation of your measurement position incl. height information.
Even more interesting is the Tilt-Sensor and Digital Compass of the Aaronia GPS-Logger recording the heading and tilt of the antenna while measuring. This great feature allows to easily generate a "heat map" of RF interferences incl. all frequency information showing the direction and strength of any RF source within 360 degrees.

Of course the Aaronia GPS-Logger can be used for any other purpose too.

The Aaronia GPS-Logger offers a very fast update rate of up to 35 complete logs with all sensor data per second (on µSD-Card and/OR USB-Streaming) offering a "real time" display of the unit orientation.
At maximum rate the Aaronia GPS-Logger will produce around 50MB/hour (uncomressed)!
The maximum usable µSD volume is 4GB, offering a maximum recording time of about 3 days at full speed on the µSD card.
The data rate can be adjusted to much lower rates (1 to 35 Loggs per second) to keep data volume much lower offering long time recording on the µSD card over weeks or even months.

The Aaronia GPS-Logger can operate with the internal LiPo battery (standalone) and/or USB (offering unlimited operation time).
The logger offers three operation modes:
- Streaming/Logging on the internal (removable) µSD Card, totally independent as standalone unit.
- Continues streaming via USB connection (PC, Linux or MAC OS)
- Transfer of logged files from the internal µSD Card (PC, Linux or MAC OS)

The Aaronia GPS-Logger can be mounted on any of our HyperLOG X, BicoLOG X and HyperLOG EMI antenna series or the standard antenna included with the SPECTRAN V5 (mounting screws and adapter included).
It can also be mounted to any other tool, car, etc. by using the included adapter but you would need to add 2 screw holes (40mm distance) to fix the included adapter (2x 1/4" UNC screws included but regular M6 screws would fit perfectly too).

249,95 Euros incl. µSD card (1GB), 650mAh LiPo battery, Aaronia USB-cable, µSD to SD card adapter, Software (PC, Linux & Mac OS), mounting adapter and 2 screws.
Please order at ... meter.html