What is the raw data FORMAT like?  


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Data Format
All data coming from the GPS Logger is reported in the form of NMEA 0183 sentences.
Even though the format is text-based it operates on a low level, so values of data replies correspond to raw sensor values that usually aren't fit to be used in applications directly. See Processing Raw Data at http://spectran-developer.net/ftp/doc/G ... 140718.pdf for further information how to obtain usable values.
The GPS Logger implements the following 3 possible data formats:


–Reports date, time, GPS coordinates and estimated speed and course
–Has 12 parameters, which may be empty/invalid on missing signal:
1.Time: Format is HHMMSS.ZZZ (ZZZ being milliseconds, but is always zero)
2.Status: A for ok, V for warnings
3.Latitude: Float value, see XXXX for details
4.Latitude orientation: N for north, S for south
5.Longitude: Float value, see XXXX for details
6.Lonitude orientation: W for west, E for east
7.Speed over ground: Float value as knots (estimated value based on GPS data)
8.Course: Float value as heading over ground relative to true north (estimated value based on GPS data)
9.Date: Format is DDMMYY (no century information)
10.Magnetic deviation: empty
11.Magnetic deviation orientation: empty
12.Signal integrity: A for valid signal, N for invalid or no signal
–Example: $GPRMC,111529.000,A,5008.2031,N,00619.1924,E,0.33,346.82,120213,,,A*64<CR><LF>


–Reports time, GPS coordinates, elevation and details on satellite signal
–Has 14 parameters, which may be empty/invalid on missing signal:
1.Time (see GPRMC)
2.Latitude (see GPRMC)
3.Latitude orientation (see GPRMC)
4.Longitude (see GPRMC)
5.Longitude orientation (see GPRMC)
6.GPS quality: 0 for invalid, 1 for having a GPS fix
7.Number of satellites
8.Horizontal deviation
9.Elevation: Height of Antenna over sea level
10.Elevation unit: M for meters
11.Geoidal separation
12.Geoidal separation unit: M for meters
13.Age of DGPS record: empty
14.DGPS reference: empty


–Reports data of the non-GPS sensors
–Has 6 parameters:
1.Sensor: G for gyroscope, C for compass, B for barometer, T for accelerometer
2.Time: Format is HHMMSS.NNN, where NNN is an increasing counter that is reset when the time is updated by a new GPRMC or GPGGA record
3.Value of sensor X-axis (see Processing Raw Data)
4.Value of sensor Y-axis, empty for barometer (see Processing Raw Data)
5.Value of sensor Z-axis, empty for barometer (see Processing Raw Data)
6.Status: A for ok, N for invalid

For more information please download our programers guide at http://spectran-developer.net/ftp/doc/G ... 140718.pdf