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What is the raw data FORMAT like?  


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Data Format
All data coming from the GPS Logger is reported in the form of NMEA 0183 sentences.
Even though the format is text-based it operates on a low level, so values of data replies correspond to raw sensor values that usually aren't fit to be used in applications directly. See Processing Raw Data at ... 140718.pdf for further information how to obtain usable values.
The GPS Logger implements the following 3 possible data formats:


–Reports date, time, GPS coordinates and estimated speed and course
–Has 12 parameters, which may be empty/invalid on missing signal:
1.Time: Format is HHMMSS.ZZZ (ZZZ being milliseconds, but is always zero)
2.Status: A for ok, V for warnings
3.Latitude: Float value, see XXXX for details
4.Latitude orientation: N for north, S for south
5.Longitude: Float value, see XXXX for details
6.Lonitude orientation: W for west, E for east
7.Speed over ground: Float value as knots (estimated value based on GPS data)
8.Course: Float value as heading over ground relative to true north (estimated value based on GPS data)
9.Date: Format is DDMMYY (no century information)
10.Magnetic deviation: empty
11.Magnetic deviation orientation: empty
12.Signal integrity: A for valid signal, N for invalid or no signal
–Example: $GPRMC,111529.000,A,5008.2031,N,00619.1924,E,0.33,346.82,120213,,,A*64<CR><LF>


–Reports time, GPS coordinates, elevation and details on satellite signal
–Has 14 parameters, which may be empty/invalid on missing signal:
1.Time (see GPRMC)
2.Latitude (see GPRMC)
3.Latitude orientation (see GPRMC)
4.Longitude (see GPRMC)
5.Longitude orientation (see GPRMC)
6.GPS quality: 0 for invalid, 1 for having a GPS fix
7.Number of satellites
8.Horizontal deviation
9.Elevation: Height of Antenna over sea level
10.Elevation unit: M for meters
11.Geoidal separation
12.Geoidal separation unit: M for meters
13.Age of DGPS record: empty
14.DGPS reference: empty


–Reports data of the non-GPS sensors
–Has 6 parameters:
1.Sensor: G for gyroscope, C for compass, B for barometer, T for accelerometer
2.Time: Format is HHMMSS.NNN, where NNN is an increasing counter that is reset when the time is updated by a new GPRMC or GPGGA record
3.Value of sensor X-axis (see Processing Raw Data)
4.Value of sensor Y-axis, empty for barometer (see Processing Raw Data)
5.Value of sensor Z-axis, empty for barometer (see Processing Raw Data)
6.Status: A for ok, N for invalid

For more information please download our programers guide at ... 140718.pdf