How to set the LCS to a 6 minutes ICNIRP measurement  


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20/09/2010 3:53 pm  

Its very simply to make a 6 minutes (360 seconds) measurement with the LCS as you might need it to fullfill the ICNIRP measurement standard.

Simply use the Limits window:
- Select the ICNIRP standard you want to use
- Enter 360 seconds to the Period (s) field
You will now see the ICNIRP value in the limits display "Average over 360 Seconds". After 360 seconds you have the 6 min ute measurement you need.

If you want to make a new measurement simply press the "Rest Data" button and you will get the next 360 seconds AVG (after 6 minutes).


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25/09/2010 11:25 am  

i found the solution in MCS software where i can give it AUTO STOP COUNTDOWN,realy a great feature. :D

But when i am selecting ICNIRP Limit it showing me the value in persentage %,and i also want the value in W/m2,like the LCS software.