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Record/Logg multiple files (not only #1000)  


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27/07/2010 5:21 pm  

How can i handle other logerfiles then the regular #1000? Is it possible to record more then one file e.g. 1001?

Yes thats no problem at all. You can record and use multiple files.
E.g. if you want to use the filenumbers 1001, 1002 etc. the best solution is to create them first in the LCS filemanager (dont forget to give them a name, for better handling).
All new files will show up in the folder "Persönlich" (custom files).

After you have created them in the LCS you can use them for recording (using SPECTRANs logger function).
To read the loggs from the SPECTRAN simply click on the file name you have used for recording and the recorded datas will show up (just as it would happen with number 1000) .