17.05.2013 - New MC...

17.05.2013 - New MCS version 1.7.0 BETA 3 available  


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17/05/2013 6:00 pm  

For testing purposes a new beta version of MCS 1.7.0 is now available. The major change to 1.6.4 is the merge or sweep profiles (for device settings) and channel profiles (for display overlays in spectrum/channelpower views), as the difference was confusing to users. This change required a large number of internal changes which may affect other features and stability, therefore we're providing this beta version for some extra testing. Also the previous channel editor has been replaced with a new profile editor.
Also a new editor for calibration pofiles has been added, and the Spectrum View now supports a real optical Zoom feature.

Note that this beta version is not yet feature complete, and there may be further beta releases before a final 1.7.0 MCS is released.

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19/05/2013 12:38 pm  

Again at installation, the USB drivers do not work.
Even older MCS versions do not work anymore.
I wanted to use the FTDIUnin.exe, which refused service.
Then the FTclean worked, and the USB drivers could be installed again.
Typical, the version is, which is the same as earlier versions of MCS.
So, it seems that a new installment of USB drivers upsets the earlier installed of the same type.