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Custom level adjustment/calibration / UPDATED!  


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31/05/2013 11:18 am  

I want to adjust the ZigBee frequency range because my unit seems to need some adjustment in that range. How can i adjust it be myself?

A real calibration of the unit is only possible in our lab but you can make a fine adjustment with help of a custom „cable“ file.
Attached is a picture with a quick hack i have made. You can see the difference (Red = NEW calibration with a "cable" file, yellow = regular, without calibration). The adjustment can be done much better if you invest some more time.
The calibration is done with attached new cable file named “ZigBee.caldata”. Please add it to the MCS folder …Aaronia AG/MCS Spectrum Analyzer/data/calibration/cable directory (On my PC its C:Programme(x86)/Aaronia AG/MCS Spectrum Analyzer/data/calibration/cable) where you will see the standard cable files too.
After a new start of the MCS select the new “ZigBee” cable in the calibration menu. Afterwards the levels will change as seen in attached picture.
You can edit and modify this file with a regular text editor. The data structure is very simple and shown below ("level frequency" is in Hz so the value "2390000000" is 2390 MHz. The "value=" is in dB. You can have positive and negative values).

P.S. dont forget: After the change of the file you have to shut down and start the MCS again so that the cable file will be reloaded.

<object label="ZigBee">
<level frequency="2390000000" value="1.500"/>
<level frequency="2400000000" value="1.500"/>
<level frequency="2405000000" value="1.000"/>
<level frequency="2410000000" value="0.500"/>
<level frequency="2415000000" value="0.000"/>
<level frequency="2420000000" value="0.000"/>
<level frequency="2421000000" value="0.000"/>
<level frequency="2422000000" value="1.800"/>
<level frequency="2423000000" value="1.700"/>
<level frequency="2424000000" value="1.600"/>
<level frequency="2425000000" value="1.500"/>
<level frequency="2430000000" value="1.000"/>
<level frequency="2435000000" value="0.800"/>
<level frequency="2440000000" value="0.400"/>
<level frequency="2445000000" value="0.000"/>
<level frequency="2450000000" value="-0.500"/>
<level frequency="2455000000" value="-0.800"/>
<level frequency="2460000000" value="-1.100"/>
<level frequency="2465000000" value="-1.500"/>
<level frequency="2470000000" value="-2.000"/>
<level frequency="2475000000" value="-2.200"/>
<level frequency="2480000000" value="-2.500"/>
<level frequency="2485000000" value="-2.900"/>
<level frequency="2490000000" value="-3.200"/>
<level frequency="2495000000" value="-3.600"/>
<level frequency="2500000000" value="-4.000"/>
<level frequency="2510000000" value="-4.000"/>


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14/08/2013 11:49 am  

Updated with new data on 14.08.2013


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29/01/2014 11:46 am  

The MCS now offers a powerfull, integrated Editor for all calibration files. No need to "hack" any files via texteditor any more :D