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Max and min limits simultaneously?  


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19/07/2013 12:22 pm  

I would like to set up production testing of the output spectrum from a wideband source for operation by a low-skill operator. The output spectrum needs to be above one limit and below another. In other words, a typical "profile" specification.


(Note this is just something I drew, not a real profile!)

The "Limits"function seems to handle the top limit line adequately, but there does not seem to be a way of doing the bottom limit, other than asking the operator to manually determines that the max-hold/min-hold traces are between the limits.

Is there any way of doing this more easily - other than writing something from scratch using the API?

I would have guessed that it would be a fairly common requirement.

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19/07/2013 2:57 pm  

It's not possible with the Limits view itself, but you can create a "minimum" trigger that uses a defined limit as reference. Just enable the "Trigger" section in the spectrum control and use he edit button on the right side.