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Spectran NF-5035 "preprocessed measurement data" recordings

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I'm using the NF-5035 with the 1MB Memory Expansion and the external 35dB Preamplifier. Using the external preamplifier, I'm setting up the Sensor to be the Analog Input. I need to explore the freq. range between 1 and 1Mhz and I'm looking at it in dBm. I have a question about the output recording from the MCS software tool.

The documentation says:
"CSV: simple tabular text format that can be imported in other programs like databases, but cannot be read
by the MCS itself as it lacks information about the recording environment. Only includes preprocessed
measurement data. (Note: The generated file might be too large for some applications to handle, for example
Microsoft Excel is known to cause problems with large datasets). When importing the file in another application
make sure you use point ( . ) as decimal separator, semicolon ( ; ) as field separator and comma ( , ) as
1000-group separator (if you software supports those settings)."

What does "preprocessed measurement data" mean - how do you guys preprocess it?

The output recordings that I get are always 2 * SPAN / RBW + 1 long, so I'm assuming the Spectrum has an internal ADC and is calculating FFTs with a 50% overlap, is this correct? What exactly does the output in the CSV file represent? I guess it's the FFT?


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Preprocessed (as opposed to "raw" data in the MDR format) means that the data is recorded after calibration settings, peak suppression and unit conversion have been applied. Basically this is what you see in the MCS on screen.