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RSA communication questions

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We can change the default IP address and after that we can access to the equipment. However, when we turn on the system again, we dont have access to the IP that we had previously set. We can’t communicate with the equipment although in the web interface appear the new IP. Do you know what could be happening?

Also, according to the manual it is supposed the RSA 9000 should have the MCS software installed and thus be able to use the stand-alone mode. However, that software is not installed. Do you know if there was any problem with this issue?

Would it be possible that you access to the equipment remotely in order to check what is happening?

On the RSA itself it´s not possible to install the MCS, see documentation in the FAQ at ... /RSAv2.pdf.

If the web interface works on the new IP, the remote newtork connection by MCS must work too. In case the RSA has a motherboard with two network interfaces please make the plug just once in the other port. It can be recognized if the port works if the network card is flashing.

It is also possible that the remote connection is not established because the Spectran server is not running, for example, if the Spectran is not powered on during the boot process or the USB cable connection has been forgotten (connection of Analyzer part to PC part at the backside of the RSA). Please have a look at the FAQ´s mentioned in the link above to get help in troubleshooting.

Remote maintenance is possible if you make a remote connection accessible to us.

The RSA has two different network interfaces. They are trying to configure the IP address directly through Ubuntu and they are not using the web interface. ¿Could it be a problem for the connection?

Also, they said to us that the equipment doesn’t work properly when they connect the equipment to his own network. However, it has a proper operation when they connect to the equipment directly with a laptop. ¿Do you have any idea about it or what could be the reason?

They want to be sure that the TCP server is multi-client. According to the manual you can configure different clients. But is it possible to connect more than one client at the same time without using and configure this in the web interface?

The RSA / TCP Server and the Web Interface always use eth0 as network adapter.

If the Linux-internal service "Network Manager" runs this might be the cause. The service should be uninstalled, otherwise you can uninstall it via the terminal with the command "sudo apt-get remove networkmanager" (Root password "Aaronia"). It must be ensured that in the network configuration eth0 is used as network adapter.
I do not know why the service on RSA is still active, a reason might be a manual update by the customer.

Yes, the TCP server is multi-client capable, a saved user can also connect multiple times via different clients with the TCP server. Of course also at the same time. It´s not necessary to create other users therefor.