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NEW: UBBV-1060 (23dB / 100MHz-6GHz) with BYPASS Switch

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NEW: Pre-Amplifier "UBBV 1060 BPA" (100MHz - 6GHz / 23dB Gain) with ultra high dynamic and BYPASS function!

Worlds first battery-powered low noise pre-amplifier with pass through switch and ultra high IP3. Now available from stock.
This preamp is the PERFECT choice for any spectrum analyzer up to 6GHz. It can be used to measure very weak signals (Amplifer mode) AND very strong signals (Bypass mode) with only one unit. You can easily switch between those modes at any time.

Retrofits to all our RF spectrum analyzer (SPECTRAN V2,V3,V4), our latest real time spectrum analyzer SPECTRAN V5 or any other spectrum analyzer brand.

Technical Details:
• Frequency Range: 100MHz (50MHz) to 6GHz
• Gain: 22dB at 2GHz
• Noise: 1,4dB at 2GHz
• IP3: +48dBm typ. (bypass mode)
• P1dB: +21dBm at 2GHz
• Max. power at RF output: +21dBm
• Input: 50 Ohm SMA (f)
• Output: 50 Ohm SMA (m)
• Battery runtime up to 8 hours
• Specific calibration data on EEPROM, readout via USB
• Incl. transport case, power supply incl. adapters, manual, SMA tool & USB cable
• Weight: 146gr
• Dimensions: 81x61x29mm
• Warranty: 10 years

Price €499,95

For order or more information please visit our online shop at ... -amplifier