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UBBV-NF-35 (35dB / 1Hz-30MHz)  


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24/09/2015 10:59 am  

Low Frequency Preamplifier up to 30MHz. Works with any brand of Spectrum Analyzers and directly fits to any SPECTRAN. Broadband sensitivity increase by up to 35dB.

External 35dB preamplifier (Preamplifier) UBBV-NF 35. For optimum performance when measuring weak signals in the frequency range of 1Hz - 30MHz.

The UBBV NF series provides a high impedance input signal and therefore can be operated even with the antennas of the MagnoTRACKER series or other regular 50 ohm devices. The calibration data of the preamplifier are also stored in the Spectrum Analyzer Software "MCS".

The UBBV-NF can be operated via an internal battery (running time approx 3-4 hours) or via the included AC adapter. Via the USB port it´s possible to read the calibration data of the preamplifier, which are stored in the internal EEPROM and so can not be lost.

For more information: ... BBV-NF-35/