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UBBV2 (40dB / 1MHz-10GHz)  


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24/09/2015 11:02 am  

High-End RF Preamplifier up to 10GHz. Works with any brand of Spectrum Analyzers and directly fits to any SPECTRAN. Broadband sensitivity increase by up to 40dB.

Problems to read weak signals? Or how about boosting that probe gain or maybe preamping that antenna?
The UBBV2 broadband preamp is the answer to all these needs as well as many others. You can use the UBBV2 anywhere a high gain, low noise amp is called for; digging out those weak shortwave signals or putting new life into that analyzer especially in the frequency range below 1GHz.
Since the UBBV2 has such a high compression point of almost 100 milliwatts, you can even use it to boost the power of small micro transmitters!
Newly designed microwave chips enable the UBBV2 to have gain up to 12GHz although we only spec the UBBV2 to 10 GHz. The UBBV2 is the ideal general purpose RF amp that you'll wonder how you got along without.

Enables maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals. Highly recommended for EMC and Pre-Compliance tests like EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc..

For more Information: ... ier-UBBV2/