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NEW: Remote RF Switching Matrix up to 20GHz coming soon

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Aaronia will soon offer its first 19" RF Switching Matrix generation. The "RSM 910" and "RMS 920" are single SP4T switches with N connectors (optional complete back side connectors). The "RSM 910-4" and "RSM 920-4" include up to 4 SP4T switches with SMA connectors (optional back side RFC connectors).
All switches can handle up to +25dBm input power (abs. MAX +27dBm) and offers up to 90dB isolation @ 1GHz and still 45dB @10GHz PLUS an ultra fast switching speed far below 1µS.
Each 19" rack can be equipped with up to 4 independent working SP4T moduls each containing a 1x4 switching grid so in total you can get a complete 4x4 grid system.

This RF Switching Matrix is perfect for industrial, lab or maintenance usage where a huge amount of RF switches are needed.

- World smallest and INTELLIGENT stand alone RF Switching Matrix up to 20GHz.
- Each Matrix can be programmed with simple or very complex batch programs which start automatically after every power on (e.g. "autorotating" all ports with fixed switching delay).
- 12V DC power opperation. Can be operated from 12V Car and Truck power system.

Each Switching Matrix offers:
- Frequency range: 9kHz up to 20GHz
- 1 input and 4 outputs or 4 inputs and 1 output (female SMA-Connector).
- Up to 25dBm input power (1dB compression).
- Highest power level: +27dBm (abs. MAX).
- Up to 90dB isolation @ 1GHz.
- Onboard CPU and memory for intelligent self running profiles.
- Stand alone operation (no external PC or USB connection required).
- Real time PC remote control via Ethernet or GSM.
- Optional fast and easy manual control via push button