New Firmware for V5 (2th March 2016)  


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02/03/2016 1:51 pm  

Download the latest firmware "2th March 2016" incl. update tool at ...

Please make sure that you use the regulare V5 SALES hardware (V 1.3 or later). Dont use older DEMO units with this firmware! If you are not sure about your hardware please contact us before you update your unit.

Please make sure that your battery is loaded and that the power supply is connected to the V5.
DISABLE the PC power saving mode to prevent USB disconnection while flashing the new firmware!!!

Changes in 2th March 2016:
- Removed nasty bug crashing the GUI
- Improved the GUI speed by 50-100%
- Improved filter sharpness
- Added new remote protokol for live AM/FM demodulation while streaming (not implemented in RTSA Suite jet)

Changes in 6th February 2016:
- Added our first FIR-Filter bank offering smaller RBWs and spans. You can now select from new much smaller spans in real time mode: 5,5MHz; 2,7MHz; 1,25MHz and 0,3125MHz A more flexible selection will follow soon incl. 10Hz RBWs
- 175MHz and 88MHz real time spans improved including much flater noise floor
- Removed lots of bugs...