RTSA Suite V1.3 and 1.4a plus new firmware for download  


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18/06/2016 12:54 pm  

Download the latest RTSA Suite at http://www.aaronia.com/fileadmin/beta-r ... %201.3.zip

You also need to update the DSP and FPGA code of the V5 with this package: http://www.aaronia.com/fileadmin/beta-r ... shTool.zip
Now offering real-time Spectrum AND real-time Demodulation at the same time with independent streaming data. Perfect for classification and demodulation of unknown signals within the spectrum.
Our RTSA Software will soon offer an independent recording for demodulation data and/or Spectrum data.

To start the software simply unzip the “Aaronia-RTSA-Suite 1.3” folder on your hard-disk and start the “Aaronia-RTSA-Suite_V1.3.exe” or “Aaronia-RTSA-Suite_V1.4a.exe” (includes first version of the new SURFACE 3D view).

To start the firmware updater unzip the “V5FlashTool” folder and start the “V5FlashTool.exe”. Start the standard update progress, choose the June firmware upgrade and Flash the DSP first. Once this has been done Flash the FPGA. Once both is finished the unit is up to date with new features and highly improved firmware including ultra small filter in REAL TIME mode down to 10Hz.