Unlimited Realtime RECORDING possible?  


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26/10/2015 11:06 am  

You tolde me that you have no limit in recording time with the SPECTRAN V5 so it should be possible to make a on site recording for 24h with the "RTSA Suite" software. Is this right?
How many GB do you need to continuously record 1h or 24h of data without any data loss (full real time streaming)?

Yes thanks to our huge hardware cache and our optimized streaming algorithm indeed the recording time is NOT limited. All SPECTRAN V5 offers a gap less real time streaming without any time restriction. Only your harddisk is the limit and our intelligent algorithm produces much less data than you would expect so even a 24h recording can be handled with a "regulare" harddrive :D
The needed "GB per h" depends on the selected RTBW and the RBW. A realistic setup producing lot of data could be a 20MHz RTBW with 6 million samples per second (13thousend "sweeps" per second). This would create about 85GB/h so a 24h recording would need about 2TB hard disk space. No problem for a 4TB hardisk or a NAS...