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- COMPLETE new security concept for office, lab, government and company usage.
- 100% mechanical and electronic separated PCs (PC1 and PC2) with separated power supply.
- PC1 for OFFLINE or INTRANET usage. 100% free of any mail ware, Virus, Trojan etc. Your SAFE PC for high sensitive data.
- PC2 for ONLINE/Internet usage. Can get infected by mailware, Virus, Trojans etc. but will NEVER infect PC1 (safe PC).
- Data exchange from PC1 to PC2 ONLY with SPECIAL 100% SECURE USB-Stick.

- TWO Monitor system or ONE monitor system (switch via hotkey) available.
- Can be used as monitor stand. Perfect height for ergonomic usage.
- Only 1HE system height. Can be used in any 19" rack system.
- 12V LOW VOLTAGE operation power removes high risk from 110/220V systems.
- Can be operated from 12V Car and Truck power system.
- Double RF shielding wall between PC1 and PC2.
- Each PC offers a super fast USB 3.0 front side connector for secure data exchange.
- Silent PC, no fan inside. No fan failure possible.
- Up to 6TB cheap hardd disk space for each PC. Total 12TB hardd disk space.
- Up to 16TB super fast SSD hard disk space for each PC. Total 32TB hard disk space. No risk of hard disk failure, 100% silent system.
- Raid 1 support for high hard disk memory security.
- Low power Celeron or i5/i7 CPU.
- 2 x ETHERNET for each PC (4xEthernet in total) on backside
- 2 x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 for every PC on backside
- 1 x HDMI video output for every PC on backside
- 1 x VGA or DVI video output for every PC on backside
- 1 x stereo audio output for every PC on backside
- 1 x MIC input for ecery PC on backside
- Separate ON/OFF switch for every PC on front panel
- Optional GPS and GSM feature (SIM inside for high security)
- Complete system and design Made in Germany.