Cant install the “SpectranUsbTcpBridge“ application  


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03/03/2015 4:22 pm  

We are trying to run the “SpectranUsbTcpBridge“ application in order to try the demo application in an emulated environment, but without success due to missing/wrong library.
Can you let us know what exactly are the software prerequisites to run the application?
If needed, following are some details about the error:
- Just starting the application (as is in the ZIP file) on a clean pc gives “FTD2XX.dll missing” error
- Copying the “ftd2xx.dll” file (v3.2.7.0) in the app folder the app gives this error:
- Installing QT v5.4 and trying to copy different versions of the QT dlls gives a wide range of “Unable to find entry point” errors

Reading the README would help:

The SNDK itself does not require installation. It needs however certain components
installed by the freely available Aaronia AG MCS application software, please make sure
that it is installed properly before using the SNDK.
The demo applications may require additional components like runtimes, compilers or
libraries, those requirements will be listed with each example below.

But to make it more simple you can now download this package including the QT platform at: ...

The "ftd2xx.dll" ist the dll from the USB driver needed for the Spectran. If you want to run the MCS you must have this driver installed. You can download the driver at ...

If you intsall the MCS this driver is included: ...