Single sweep mode? LabView & Firmwareupdate via Ethernet?  


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21/03/2016 8:30 am  

I have a few questions about the operation of the Spectran V4 NF/HF models (we have one of each).
I have observed that when sending a sweep command, sweep packages come back endlessly. I would have expected to only receive a sweep package when requested (via a query). Some other commands I’ve sent for whatever reason return a “-1” where I would have expected an actual value.
Error 56 in labview comes up several times (TCPIP connection error). It seems to occur if I send commands too quickly or when I wait too long between TCPIP reads. If the above statement about sweep packages is true, does the error result from the send/receive buffer filling up?
I’m also wondering about a firmware update to see if it solves any of the issues. I downloaded the firmware updater. On the windows machine, it says it cant find any of the spectrans (connected via Ethernet). On the linux (built in) pc, it simply won’t run the software due to an error. Any help with these would be greatly appreciated.

The Spectran firmware does not have a „single-sweep“ mode, so the bridge software will also deliver sweeps continuously until the client disables this as we try to keep the bridge software as close as possible to the native Spectran interface. If time permits we could probably add a single-sweep emulation in the bridge software as a future extension if necessary (that’s a big if however).
As for the -1 return values, I’d need more specific information about the commands triggering it. Random guess would be that your client requests variables that are not available not the specific model. About the Labview errors, we don’t really have expertise on it (that’s more a Labview issue than an Aaronia issue).

The firmware updater only supports Spectran devices connected via USB on a Windows system. Enabling firmware updates via network would be way too risky, and unfortunately the actual update interface is only available for Windows at this time (and unlikely to change).

Please note that these answers are specific to the NF/V4 series, the V5 series uses a different software stack that may or may not have these restrictions.