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Using SNDK to control a HF-80200 V5 X

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Hello Aaronia,

Is it possible to use the SNDK to control a HF-80200 V5 X?
In the past have been able to use the SNDK, (version SNDK-20150317) to control a HF-60100 X. I'm now trying to control the HF-80200 V5 X, but I am getting strange errors.

The connection from the Aaronia RTSA Suite Pro to the HF-80200 V5 X is working correctly, measurements can then be performed using the RTSA Suite software. This proofs that the HF-80200 V5 X is working correctly.
If I however close the RTSA suite software, and start the 'Spectran Usb-Tcp Bridge Control' program, the HF-80200 V5 X is detected correctly. (See the attached screenshot).
By pressing 'Start Server', the server is started. After sometime I would expect a 'DEVICE INITIALIZATION FINISHED for device' message, however that is never being shown.

When I then try to connect over the TCP port, the 'Spectran Usb-Tcp Bridge Control' program crashes.

I also have tried to use the some method with the 'Spectran HF Simulator' as it is present in the 'Spectran Usb-Tcp Bridge Control' program, and then no problem is present at all, and everything is working correctly.

Do you have any suggestion on how to resolve this problem?
Can you confirm that the programmatic control of the HF-80200 V5 X should be possible through the SNDK-20150317?

Thanks in advance,

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The V4 SDK is not working with the V5 series.


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Is there a way to interface programmatically with the v5 series (specifically the V5 RSA?

If not, would it be possible to utilize the HTTP Server block to control and get spectrum data from the V5 series?