Where to get the SDK information?  


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02/03/2015 5:48 pm  

my company is interested in the SPECTRAN HF-6060 V4 X for use in our production lines; I would like to receive additional information on the possibility to control the analyzer via our production testing software.
Is an SDK, software library provided with the analyzer? Could you give me detailed information about this?

Yes, please download the SDK at http://spectran-developer.net/web/index.php?id=65&L=1

The doc folder in the .zip file is empty; is any documentation available for this package?

All those information are in the "Readme" file.
Please also have a look at the “Demos” folder where you have a sample file to see how it works. All those commands are identical to the RSA comands.
Please also have a look at: http://spectran-developer.net/doc/rsa-v ... =&sct=MTk4