Original CD lost  


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08/12/2011 9:21 am  

I have experienced that the CD must always be in the station when using the HF-6065. However, I cannot find the CD any more and therefore dowloaded the LCS-software from the Aaronia server. That was OK, but when I start the application, it displays "Not Connected" at the top line, and it asks me to install the CD which I don't have. How to fix it ?
Must I have a new CD or can everything be downloaded ? :o

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09/12/2011 10:21 am  

The LCS package you can download includes everything you need. No CD is necessary for establishing a connection between the LCS/MCS and the device. Also the LCS/MCS will not ask you for a CD in any case. If you need further assistance please post a screenshot of the dialog you see and also which operating system you're using.