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[Sticky] Spectran USB Driver Troubleshooting

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In case you experience problems with USB devices after installing the MCS and/or the Spectran Windows USB drivers you can try the following steps:

1) Unplug your Spectran device and any other FTDI-based USB devices
2) Remove the FTDI USB drivers using the FTClean tool, which is usually installed as C:Program Files (x86)Aaronia AGMCS Spectrum AnalyzerdriverftdiFTClean.exe
- Keep the VID field at FTDI and the PID field empty
- Please read the confirmation messages carefully
- If you're using other FTDI based devices this may remove their drivers too and you may have to reinstall them. Use at your own risk.
3) Optional: Uninstall all Aaronia software packages
4) Download, unpack and double-click the attached registry file to restore the Windows default lookup path for driver installation.
5) Reboot the system
6) Optional: Reinstall the latest Aaronia MCS software package for a clean driver installation