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Sending parameters issue

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Hello, i'm currently using SPECTRAN NF-5035 and i'm doing a C# application and i got a question about sending the parameters data. The question is not about C# code, but i read the spectran programmers guide and i saw that the spectran receives start frequency and stop frequency as MHz.If i send the values 0.01 for start frequency and 0.1 for stop frequency, i was assuming i was setting start to 10 kHz and stop to 100kHz, but instead i get 10Hz and 100 Hz and if i send the value 1 for start and 5 for stop, the device screen freezes and i want to know why? Am i doing something wrong while sending the data or is the guide outdated?

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Assuming you're talking about the USB protocol documentation, the guide was written for the HF devices. The NF devices have some small differences, frequency variables for example are specified in kHz instead of MHz. As for the freeze, be sure that you're sending the data in the correct binary format (32 bit float value, not integers).