Minimum RBW and VBW setting for HF60100 in 5GHz Span  


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07/03/2019 8:37 am  


I am just looking for Real-time Spectrum analyser which capable to achieve resolution and video bandwidth (RBW & VBW) at 1KHz in the span of 5GHz.

We just go through the USB Spectrum analyser HF60100 has VBW/RBW from 200Hz to 50MHz.


Whether this spectrum analyser will achieve the 1KHz VBW/RBW at 5GHz span or not? If so kindly share us the snapshot of VBW/RBW= 1KHz with frequency span of 5GHz.

What would be the Spectrum analyser noise floor(dBm) at this condition in RTSA suite?