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NEW Remote RF/EMF Monitor Spectrum Analyzer with IP67/IP68

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We will soon offer our new Remote RF / EMC Spectrum Analyzer Monitor generation incl. high end Data Logger (full spectrum or IQ) function.

The super thick and sturdy aluminum housing is made ​​dust proof, waterproof up to IP67 / IP68 standard and operates in a very wide temperature range from -40 ° up to 60 ° Celsius.
This outdoor remote analyzer is equipped with a fanless PC incl. hard disk space up to 16TB (SSD) and one of our spectrum analyzer (NF, V3, V4 or the latest realtime analyzer V5).
The complete unit is controled with our latest Remote Control Software ( via Ethernet offering a real time RF/EMF situation report or a gap less Logger (complete spectrum over days/months/years) download from any location in the world.

The fanless PC is fully featured and includes a Celeron, i5 or i7 processor.
Hard disk space, for recording, Can be expabded up to 6TB with regular disk drive or up to 16 TB with SSD drives.

More highlights are:
All connectors water tight up to IP68
Up to 16TB recording space
Spectrum Analyzer 1Hz up to 20GHz (20,1GHz)
Optional antenna switch for up to 4 antennas (with full remote control)
Optional RF generator up to 6 GHz and 20 dBm output power (V5 analyzer only)
Optional power meter up to 40GHz (V5 analyzer only)
Optional GPS

Stay tuned, more to come soon ...