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RTSA User Guide is missing

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I am looking for Aaronia RTSA Suite PRO user guide without success.
The product collateral is poor, is there an updated user guide?

We asked for trigger user guide and we got a reply from one of Aaronia representatives (over email), we had some followup questions but no one replied...

1. We are currently using "Aaronia RTSA Suite PRO Version". Is this the recommend SW version?
2. We have specific questions for specific blocks:
a. “Spectran V5”:
i. How does the “Step” parameter affects the measurements.
ii. I understand that the units in the “Spectrum Condition” and “Trigger” blocks are in sample units. How can we use the “Step”, “RTBW Span” and “Bins” parameters to calculate the duration of these samples.
b. "Spectrum Condition": Can you please define the parameters "Min Inside" and "Max Inside".
c. “Waterfall”: When the “Power by Time” is enabled I assume that the displayed power is in dBm/Hz. I am interested in the integrated power over a given BW. How can I display this?
d. “File Reader” and “File Writer”: How can we record and replay signals?
3. Can you please send us a user manual in pdf form for us to fully understand the parameters of the SW tool.

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Thhe manual is integrated within the RTSA software under "technical help" or simply press F1....