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USB charger for all Aaronia units offering 12W  


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21/05/2014 7:26 pm  

Our latest gadget:

It is a little USB dongle generating 12V from any USB port incl. a power plug for all SPECTRAN and Aaronia preamplifier and active antennas (X series).
You can use it to CHARGE all of those devices via any USB port, this should help a lot for people making field measurement and running out of power… You can now charge our units via Laptop or USB port within the car.

Please note that it can only CHARGE the SPECTRAN units because of the limited power of the USB ports but our preamps and the active antennas (X series) can be STEADY POWERED via this charger (they don’t need that much power).

Cost is only €19,95 per charger and size as only as small as a USB stick. Maximum output power is 12W (12V/1A).