RF Field-Probes PBS 1 / DC to 9GHz 

25mm Near Field Probe for measuring magnetic fields

RF field probes with included tripod and SMB cable

Aaronia Probe Set incl. 5 probes for E and H field measurement

25mm loop probe locating magnetic interferences

Locating disturbing H fields with NF-5030 and PBS magnetic sniffer

Magnetic sniffer attached to included mini tripod

Included in delivery

  • 1 x 50mm magnetic (H) field probe PBS-H4
  • 1 x 25mm magnetic (H) field probe PBS-H3
  • 1 x 12mm magnetic (H) field probe PBS-H2
  • 1 x 6mm magnetic (H) field probe PBS-H1
  • 1 x stub electric (E) field probe PBS-E1
  • Aluminum carrying case with foam protection
  • Pistol grip with mini tripod function
  • SMB to SMA cable (1m)
  • Typical calibration data and Excel sheet for dBm (power) to V/m (electric field), A/m, T and G (magnetic field) conversion (on CD)

Application examples

Examples for possible analysis and measurements within frequency range (DC - 9GHz):

  • Finding sources of EMC & RF emissions problems or injecting fields into circuits to identify those which are EMC-susceptible.
  • Traction power
  • Power lines and cables 
  • Transformer
  • Power supplies and harmonics
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Switching power supplies
  • TFT and LCD monitors and TVs
  • 135kHz RFID
  • DSL
  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • 13,56MHz RFID
  • Radio & TV
  • Tetra/BOS
  • ISM434
  • LTE800
  • ISM868
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800
  • GSM1900
  • DECT
  • UMTS
  • WLAN
  • Microwave
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • LTE2.6
  • WiMAX
  • 5GHz WLAN
  • etc.


  • Currently there are no additional options available.


  • UBBV2 40dB External Low Noise Broadband Preamplifier (1MHz-10GHz)

    This external super low-noise preamplifier has a broad frequency range and high 40dB gain, enabling maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals at a EN55011, EN55022 or EN50371 EMC-test. If you use our BicoLOG antennas or our PBS1 Near Field Probe Set and EMC-Sniffer this broadband amplifier is a MUST HAVE to get the best performance. You can find more information in our online shop.

  • 1m or 3m SMB to SMA Cable

    High quality special SMB to SMA cable for connecting any Probe with various test equipment like different Spectrum-Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, RF receiver/transmitter etc. (following N to SMA adapter required). (Optional in Probe Sets)

  • Heavy Multifunctional Pistol Grip

    Highly recommended for the usage of our HyperLOG antennas: Quick and easy change of antenna polarization, perfect antenna handling (even with the more heavy HyperLOG 40xx and 30xxx series). A MUST-HAVE for any pro user. You can find more product details in our online shop.

  • Large Aluminum Tripod

    Height adjustable, high stability. HIGHLY recommended for usage with HyperLOG 30xxx, 40xx and BicoLOG antennas.You can find detailed information in our online shop.

  • SMA to N Adapter

    To connect any Spectrum Analyzer etc. with N connector to the HyperLOG antenna (Above SMA cable needed). You can find more details in our online shop.



Ordersheet / Pricelist


Frequency Charts


Typical Conversion Formulas


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Aaronia Magnetic Field Probe with 25mm probe-diameter

RF Field Probe Set PBS1 with included SMB cable and tripod

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(DC-1Hz - 9GHz)
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Technical data

  • RF Field Probe Set compatible with any Spectrum Analyzer or Measurement Receiver
  • Design: Passive H & E field probes
  • Frequency range: DC (1Hz) to 9GHz
  • Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Gain: Diff. Depending on probes (see data sheets)
  • Antenna factor: Depending on probes (see data sheets)
  • RF connection: SMB (m) or SMA (see optional adapter)
  • Tripod connection: 1/4"
  • Warranty: 10 years



  • 5 different RF probes to measure H and E fields offer optimum sensitivity and spatial resolution at different frequencies
  • Covered with insulating layer for safe measurements
  • Very handy design incl. rubber coated grip
  • Very small size. Perfect for exact locating of interference sources. Offers access to tight spaces
  • Integrated electrostatic shield eliminates common-mode pickup
  • Can be driven by a signal source to generate fields for electromagnetic susceptibility testing
  • Gain rises very linear with frequency which offers high accuracy
  • Typical standard calibration data and Excel sheet for dBm to V/m and A/m conversion (on CD)
  • Extra wide frequency range up to 9GHz
  • Suitable for field-strength and EMC measurements due to high precision
  • Including tripod connector for perfect adjustment and reproducibility




Passive high performance RF Field Probes with very wide frequency range up to 9GHz. High accuracy. Integrated tripod connection for perfect adjustment.


The Aaronia RF field probe set, which fits to any Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope or measurement receiver, allows straightforward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources from DC (1Hz) to 9GHz in electronic component groups as well as execution and monitoring of generic EMC measurement.
Our sniffer set includes a total of 5 probes: 4 probes for magnetic field measurement and one for measurement of electric fields.
All probes are covered with an insulating layer, thus allowing safe measurement of oscillators or mains lines.
Perfect for locating interference sources which might have been found e.g. in an EN55011, EN55022 or EN50371 (Class A or Class B) survey. After implementing appropriate changes in the circuit, their efficiency can easily and reliably be verified. That way, expensive and time-consuming re-assessments in an EMC laboratory can be skipped.


Every probe goes through rigorous testing in our laboratories before dispatch and is equipped with a high quality rubber paint which offers protection against mechanical damage and environmental influence, a top-quality integrated tripod connection and an SMB connector.

 Aaronia Probe-Set Power Converter App for iPhone and iPad! (QR-Codes in the Download tab on the left.)


Made in Germany:

All Aaronia probes are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 10 years warranty for all sniffers.


Exhaustive Calibration data:

All Aaronia probes include a complete high resolution calibration data set with an unmatched number of calibration points and an Excel sheet to calculate dBm reading to V/m, A/m, G and T (on CD). This offers the ability to make a very accurate EMC measurement with any Spectrum Analyzer.